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Fall Important Info


For Cubs and Cub leaders, we need a clear indication they want to attend.  A reminder that the uniformed leaders are an important factor in deciding how many youth we can accommodate.  We can’t plan to go into the woods with more youth than 6x leaders.  Leader responses are required early. 


For siblings or parents who are members of Scouts Canada, I need to also be given confirmation that they are registered, and with what section (Company, Troop, Cobra, Lynx, A Colony, B Colony, etc.).


For all others, we need:

Do NOT Bring

The following list includes items that should not be brought when camping with Scouts:

  1. Guns (water, airsoft, BB, etc)
  2. Slingshots
  3. Food (there is always a case when food is left in the tent and then come the raccoons…)
  4. Phones
  5. Video games
  6. Jewelry


Medication should be given to the leader for administration.


We’re not going to be interacting with the public or other groups, so Cubs don’t need their uniforms or neckers this weekend.  Leaders don’t need uniforms, but should consider bringing neckers, to distinguish leaders from parent volunteers.

Parent's Support

We need parent’s support to make each event successful.  We will need to borrow coolers from parents to transport the food and keep it cool.  Please label your cooler so we can easily return it. 


If your child has allergies or dietary restrictions, we’ll ask for your help identifying foods to take to camp.

After camp, some Cubs will bring home a tent or some pots and pans to be aired out and cleaned.  When we pack up Sunday morning, tents will not be perfectly clean or dry.   I would appreciate some parent volunteers who would take home a tent Sunday to dry out.  Those volunteers would unpack the tent, rinse/clean the tent stakes, hang the tent on the clothesline or in the garage or basement, and give everything a good 48 hours to air out.  Then pack the tent back up.  Ideally, these volunteers would be parents who aren’t camping/airing out their own tents.