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While at Camp

Friday Night

The most important thing to do on arrival at camp is to set up tents as soon as possible.   Adults will help Cubs set up the Cub tents first, then while cubs get organized inside tents, adults will erect their own tents. 


Typical wake up time is between 6:30 – 7:00 am.  After breakfast, morning activities will include gathering deadfall branches for a fire and rotation between 3 to 4 activities.  Afternoon will include a hike and some open field games.  After dinner, cubs will have some quiet/free time until it will be time for the campfire.  The campfire will include songs, skits, and stories.  It will  likely include some marshmallows for roasting.


After breakfast, we tear down the camp, have Cubs’ Own and some play.  Small picnic lunch will be included.


All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be eaten together and afterwards cubs will wash their own plates, mugs, utensils.    Each night will include a mug-up.

The following menu can typically be expected during camping trips:

Breakfast: Pancakes, eggs, bacon, cereal, bagels/toast

Lunch:      Hotdogs with veggies

Dinner:     Pasta with meat/tomato sauce


Cubs will be provided with tents that sleep between 4 to 6 cubs.  Otter Lake also has cabins that we could take advantage of if the night is unexpectedly cold and cubs need to warm up. 


In the past we have discussed knife safety with the cubs and we might do this again this year.   So, Cubs may bring a pocket knife to camp under these specific conditions:

    1. Each knife is labeled.
    2. Knife must be given to a leader.
    3. Leaders will give out knifes when they can be used and will take them back when the session is over.


We should be spending some time talking about safely lighting and extinguishing camp fires.  For some Cubs, this might be the first time they’ve lit or extinguished a fire, and one of the few times they get within arm’s length of a fire.  Cubs should not be bringing matches or fire-lighting paraphernalia.